Technology & Talent Mean Outstanding Results

Today, closed captioning extends beyond TV and its benefits reach farther than the Deaf and HOH community. Captioning is used by English language learners, consumers in noisy environments (restaurants and health clubs), and professionals. Captions are available on TV programming, emergency broadcasts, sports, financial earnings calls, meetings, concerts, events, and in the classroom. As captioning extends to new frontiers, so do we – whatever your need is, we can meet it.

Bison Technology

Caption Colorado’s proprietary Bison Captioning Software System is a secure, Internet-based caption delivery system for television broadcast.

Caption Colorado is dedicated to revolutionizing our customers’ captions with our one-stop, secure Bison caption delivery platform, and we can help deploy our technology regardless of your current setup.

The patented Bison system offers significant advantages over traditional analog, telephone-based caption delivery.


Captioning Audiences

Our captions can be found everywhere you look – wherever you see television screens, monitors, mobile devices or electronic signage, you’re probably seeing our captions.

Although closed captioning was originally created to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, it now makes video more accessible to everyone. The more noise you hear, the more likely that our captions are nearby.

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