Caption Colorado was founded in 1991, and quickly built a solid reputation by providing a year of free real-time captioning service for Denver station KCNC-TV to benefit the local deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Within a year, we secured our first paying customer (WRC-TV in Washington, DC) and revolutionized the captioning industry by providing premium service at reasonable rates.

In the early 1990s, closed captioning came at a steep price – with rates ranging from $400 to $1,000 per hour for realtime captions, despite substantial government subsidies. Our ability to provide superior real-time service for rates as low as $120 per hour empowered broadcasters to make their content accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and established Caption Colorado as one of America’s largest providers of real-time closed captioning services.

Today, Caption Colorado provides captions for around 500 events each day, with real-time, online, and offline captioning for:


  • News
  • Weather Emergencies & Breaking News
  • Live Sporting Events
  • Television Series
  • Feature Films
  • Education Programming
  • Conventions & Conferences
  • Event Centers, Stadiums & Arenas
  • Foreign Language Programming
  • Corporate Meetings, Training and Seminars
  • Voice Relay Captioning for Teleconferences
  • Webcasts
  • Investor Relations Calls

Our mission at Caption Colorado is to be the best provider of real-time closed captioning services, bringing the world of information and entertainment to the deaf and hard-of-hearing across all video sources. Quality is our top priority, because we know that captions help to open up the world around us when the spoken word can not be heard.

We maintain a full time Quality Assurance Staff that evaluates the quality of captioning in such a manner that the company can efficiently and adequately appraise the quality of captioning by each captioner and the company as a whole. We know that when a spoken word can not be heard, it must be read to gain the knowledge of the outside world. The quality captions that we provide give those relying on them a sense of independence.


BISON TECHNOLOGY is an IP-based, complete captioning solution for all television broadcasts. The patented technology not only ensures quick and accurate connections to a wide variety of delivery platforms but minimizes lost captioning. This allows significant advantages over traditional captioning, permits our customers’ proof of performance information proving captioning compliance and avoids significant fines for incomplete emergency captioning coverage. With Bison Technology a customer can quickly order emergency captioning and it will be on the air in minutes.

AMPLIFY VIDEO is a turn-key solution that is customized specifically for local television stations and cable networks. It brings you significant financial savings and revenue opportunities while also providing compliant closed captioning. No one else can offer the efficiencies, speed, scalability, savings and substantial value enhancements for your web-video content like we can with this exciting new service.


Caption Colorado employs nearly 300 of the best realtime captioners in the industry. Captioning requires significant skill, endurance and technology. Our captioners are often required to caption at or above 225 wpm with 98% or higher accuracy for sustained periods of time. Our quality control team performs routine, randomized and independent evaluations of the captioning performance and quality provided by our captioners. If, at any time, a captioner is not meeting our minimum standards for quality, we remove that captioner from active status and provide them with additional training and support until standards are consistently met.

Caption Colorado is committed to assuring its customers the highest quality captioning and service.

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